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Hello! Let me introduce myself: I am Marco and this is my website. FMTECH was born in 1992 almost as a game and now it is a sort of trunk where you can find memories, images, sounds, videos, emotions and much more inside. The idea for which I created this space remains unchanged over time. Share the content with other people for the pleasure of doing so, in the hope that it will help someone. I am sure you will like it, that you will find it interesting and I hope you will come back soon! Thanks again and good visit :)



My blog

Read it and you will know me better. You will find my opinions, ideas, thoughts, memories, outbursts and much more ...

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Valle d'Aosta


My Valle d'Aosta

Images, stories, stories, legends, traditions, routes of the smallest and northernmost region of Italy.

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Studio radio


Over 30 years of radio

Since 1987 a voice for radios. Work and passion that allow me to keep many people company.

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Thanks to you who are on this page, thanks to those who allowed me to create it and to be here, thanks to all the people who believe in me and who remain close to me day after day and know how to love me ... Thanks to all and all!

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