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Why podcasts?

A desired choice

In addition to the written blog, I have chosen to communicate through thematic podcasts. Emotions, thoughts, outbursts, curiosities and a thousand other themes, can arrive in a more complete way, also feeling the emotions that the voice is able to convey thanks to the listening to audio.

The voice has always conveyed emotions. In these podcasts I try to convey them and keep them just like photographs. Interviews, people and characters, events and stories or reflections of which I was witness and protagonist... that's what you will be able to listen in these podcasts.

Which audience?

What are we talking about?

The contents covered in the various podcasts can generally be suitable for everyone. You will hardly hear any rant or offensive content.

The multi-voice podcast is aimed at those who like to stay informed of various topics that are covered from time to time in published appointments.

Where are they located?

Our podcasts are distributed by the main online platforms that host and handle them. Listening to them is easy! Just follow the rss feeds.

You can also follow the various episodes to be updated in real time with any updates! Choose your favorite player, subscribe to the podcast and... have a good listening!

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