• A great radio host and entertainer as well as a good person

    Lucrezia C.
  • Marco? A person with extensive knowledge. Very attentive to respect from and towards people. Lover of conversation

    Pietro B.
  • Marco? I would say .... I would say it is an explosion of sympathy and smiles! And I know it's bad to say it in times like this but it's also contagious!

    Sonia F.
  • Differently simple: at first sight he might seem like a person who is always jovial, perhaps with his head in the clouds but ... in reality he is a keen observer, and not everything slips on him as it seems.

    Sandra M.
  • Marco I met him many years ago. He is a very nice and kind person for everything, company, always available for anything, stubborn, educated and very determined on his choices either he is white or he is black. A person in my opinion you can really count on if you need to.

    Erika D.
  • For me, Marco is a nice, sociable and polite person.

    Anna Caterina A.
  • I find Marco's publications interesting, sensible and most of the time akin to my way of thinking.

    Giulia Di M.
  • I would say that Marco is nice and sunny .... who knows how to relate well with others ... in short, a nice person !.

    Letizia A.
  • He is a very nice person, but very nice!

    Paola De B.
  • Marco is a big bear with a tender heart, with great empathy always available to others but with great firmness. I think he is the friend that everyone should have!


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